Pokémon, comics, female artists at a Comic Con in Dubai

Dubai – Last April, I visited Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I went there to cover two events and my hotel was basically inside the exhibition pavilion. I’d already seen a lot of things that were different from my daily life, but I could never imagine that a guy dressed as Pikachu would pass by

Happy hour in Dubai

São Paulo – Last February I travelled to Dubai, UAE for the first time, and spent a week there covering the food industry show Gulfood. The event

Underwater camel racing

Dubai – What unusual thing could I do in a city so cosmopolitan as Dubai? I googled “Camel racing.” That is how I found the Al Marmoum Heritage

The Qatar I experienced

São Paulo – Even today, my first vision of the Arab world still hasn’t left my mind. It was a sunny day on June 2005 and the Qatar Airways plane