Brazilian dental implant company to have event in Dubai

Neodent will host an event on February 4 in a bid to increase its foothold in the Arab market.

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São Paulo – The Paraná, Brazil-based dental implants, prosthetic solutions and surgical instruments company Neodent will host NeoEvent, its first event in Dubai, the UAE on February 4. Pictured above is NeoEvent’s Campo Grande edition.

NeoEvent Dubai is an exclusive Neodent event designed to cement the company’s position in the Arab market, as well as to invite implant dentists from across the region and to offer clinical solutions with our product and service portfolio,” Neodent science chair and founder Geninho Thomé told ANBA in an email interview.

“We will be in Dubai on February 4 to take the opportunity offered by the Dental Conference Exhibition Hands on Workshop (AEEDC-Dubai), which opens the following day (5) and will welcome thousands of professionals from around the world,” he explained.

Neodent founder Geninho Thomé

According to Thomé, Neodent began having events in Brazil over ten years ago, and since its buyout by Switzerland’s Straumann group in 2015, it has extended these actions into other countries. NeoEvent has had editions in Italy, Colombia, Slovenia and other countries. This, however, will be the first edition in an Arab country.

CEO Matthias Schupp said Neodent already ships product to eight Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Tunisia and Algeria. “We broke into all these countries in 2018 based on an expansion strategy targeting countries with a strong growth potential,” he said via email.

Schupp said Dubai was picked ‘for its relevance within the UAE and because it represents an opportunity to bring Neodent products and services with an eye to consolidation in the region.”

NeoEvent will featuring a keynote speech by CEO Matthias Schupp. Next up, Geninho Thomé will introduce the Grand Morse implant line. Panels will cover “The concept of restoration of biomimetic and biomechanic implants,” with dentist Arantza Rodriguez, who specializes in implants and prosthetics; “Handling soft tissue around implants,” with periodontist and implant dentist Jeff Khoury; “It’s time for a new concept – PRED technique,” with Enric Pintado Boixados, the Spanish dentist who devised the Pre-Extraction Drilling (PRED) technique, which makes it easier to put implants in place and minimizes bone loss; “Protocol for immediate treatment with Neodent implants,” with the Lebanese periodontist Maxim Baini; “Transforming lives with the NeoArch treatment concept,” with oral rehabilitation master Pedro Rodriguez; and “The digital flow for fast, predictable treatment,” with professor and implant specialist Sérgio Bernardes.

The guests-only event will run from 9 am to 6:30 pm at the Marriott Aloft City Centre Deira Hotel, in Dubai.


Neodent was established in 1993 and its first branch opened in Portugal in 2006. Ever since its buyout by Straumann, the brand has been present in 55 countries. “Our biggest markets are Latin American countries and the United States, which is the world’s leading implants buyer,” said Schupp. Spain, Italy and Portugal are also big markets for Neodent.

Neodent currently ships 40% of its output from Brazil, and according to its CEO, by 2022 the company intends to get to 50%.

Neodent sold a million implants in Brazil for three years back-to-back, and 2017 saw it step up its expansion plans by building a new 2,4000 sqm logistical hub Curitiba and expanding its plant from 10,000 to 15,000 sqm. The company offers technical support across Brazil, with over 200 commercial advisors and 21 units throughout the country.

Quick facts

February 4
9 am to 6:30 pm
Aloft City Centre Deira Hotel
Baniyas Road – 8th St
Dubai, UAE

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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Press Release

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