Brazilianness project brings products to the Middle East

A Brazilian entrepreneur has a plan to offer guidance to businesses in exporting and promoting typically Brazilian jewelry, fashion and art.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – A project from business owner Marlucia Martire (pictured above) is promoting typically Brazilian jewelry, fashion and art in the Middle East. Work began two years ago, and several actions have taken place to place Brazilian products in the market, including workshops for businesspeople and involvement in exhibition spaces and sales outlets across the region.

The Brazilian Atmosphere project is being rolled out by ALM Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro-based import-export company where Marlucia is CEO and partner. She explains that this is an evolvement of the company’s work, since it used to focus on selling typical Brazilian food. She picked three export niches and intends to add new ones in the future.

“Brazilianness is not based on folklore; it’s connected with everything that was built throughout our lives in Brazil,” said Marlucia. Creative references included the beach, the beauty of the sky, and Carnaval. According to her, products endowed with Brazilianness include the art that harks back to Brazilian flora and fauna, the colors and shapes of nature; delicate jewelry with details made from assorted stones; and fashion items with colors, motion, embroidery, lace and fabrics sourced locally.

Marlucia makes a point of stressing that the focus is on daring, modern and elegant items. “Brazilianness is trending right now. It adds value to the items,” she told ANBA. The project will soon feature consulting for fashion companies to design clothing, purses and shoes with Brazilianness.

Marlucia deu workshop no MAC

In 2018 the project saw ALM Brazil feature 20-plus paintings by Brazilian fine artist Edith Rocha in the UAE’s World Art Dubai. Afterwards, the pieces remained in exhibition for almost a year at the Embassy of Brazil in the UAE. Last April, Marlucia arranged for 12 Brazilian artists to show three or so artworks each in the exhibition.

The pieces shown at World Art Dubai in 2018 and 2019 will be on show and available for sale at Dubai’s Arabesque Gallery in August and September – dates are yet to be confirmed. The exhibit will be curated by Bassem Zbeeb, featuring artists Edith Rocha, Anne Weege, Bia Ferrari (paintings pictured above), Carla Cavendish, Cláudia Costa, Cristina Pires Furtado, Hermano Ferro, Júlio Cets, Marciah Rommes, Mariana Maia, Paula Paes Leme, Yara Mattos and Yara Rangel.

Slated Brazilian Atmosphere actions also include the participation of companies in Watch & Jewellery Middle East, an industry show in Sharjah, the UAE in early October, and in Jewellery Arabia, next November in Manama, Bahrain.

Corporate training activities in Brazil are also in the plans. A workshop on Exportação de Brasilidade (Brazilianness Exports) took place last Wednesday (10) at the Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) in Rio de Janeiro.

Topics in discussion included the added value from Brazilianness, legal exports of art and jewelry items and the paperwork involved, and the Middle East art and jewelry market. A new edition of the workshop will take place next August at Rio’s MAC, on a date that’s yet to be picked. Marlucia also intends to have the workshop elsewhere in Brazil.

According to Marlucia, over 20 companies in the three industries contemplated by the project are already involved, but the goal is to get to 50 companies total. Exports will be made via ALM Brazil.

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