Trade balance at USD 444 million last week

Surplus was the result of exports from Brazil of USD 4.244 billion and imports of USD 3.799 billion.

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São Paulo – The Brazilian trade balance saw a surplus of USD 444 million last week as a result of exports of USD 4.244 billion and imports of USD 3.799 billion, the Special Secretariat of Foreign Trade and International Affairs at the Ministry of Economy reported this Monday (15).

Exports were up 2.6% in average numbers from last week. Finished and basic goods exports – such as gasoline, earthwork machinery and equipment, ethanol, fuel oils, automotive, raw oil, beef, and manganese ore – were up. But semi-finished goods exports were down.

On the other hand, imports were up 1.9%. Purchases of fuels and lubricants, cereals and grinding industry products, copper and copper works, plastic, and paper were up.

Month-to-date, exports are at USD 7.552 billion and imports at USD 6.781 billion, with a surplus of 770 billion. Year-to-date, foreign sales grossed USD 174.757 billion, purchases reached 140.37 billion, and the trade surplus stands at USD 34.388 billion

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Miguel Schincariol/AFP

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