World’s widest suspension bridge is launched in Cairo

Over the River Nile, the Tahya Misr Bridge has six lanes and 67.3 meters in width.

From the Newsroom

São Paulo – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Wednesday (15) launched the world’s widest suspension bridge over the River Nile. According to information from Al-Ahram, a regional director for the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the project’s developers a certificate.

Sisi at the bridge’s launching

At its widest, the bridge has six traffic lanes in each direction and measures 67.3 meters across, according to Reuters. Around one million cubic meters of concrete as well as 1,400 km of steel wire for 160 suspension cables were used in its construction. It spans 540 meters.

The bridge crosses the Nile in North Cairo and was named Tahya Misr Bridge (“Long Live Egypt”). It is part of Rod El-Farag road and connects the east and west of the capital with the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. It links the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. The project is partly aimed at reducing congestion on the capital’s traffic-clogged streets.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda


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