Brazil and Egypt to strengthen industrial cooperation

Brazilian companies signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Organization for Industrialization aimed to collaborate in the industrial sector.

Omar Assi

Cairo – Egypt’s Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) signed a memorandum of understanding with large Brazilian companies to strengthen cooperation and open new prospects for partnerships in different industrial fields, focusing on the fourth industrial revolution, the digital transformation and modern technology transfer.

Rocha and Al-Toras: Talks for cooperation

The memorandum was signed during the visit of a high-level delegation to Cairo from May 20 to 22, headed by Brazil’s special secretary for Strategic Affairs, Flávio Augusto Viana Rocha, accompanied by the secretary for Defense products of the Ministry of Defense of Brazil, Marcos Degaut. The mission also featured other officials of the Brazilian government, corporate and industry association executives, and the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC).

In the signing event, AOI chairman Abdul-Meniem Al-Toras explained that the institution aims at boosting local industrialization as well as nationalizing modern digital technology in different fields of industry, including defense. According to him, the Egyptian government strives for increasing the investment opportunities in Egypt and implementing technology via international cooperation.

Brazilian delegation visited AOI’s trade show

Al-Toras said that it is necessary to heavily invest in the ties between the countries and know how to benefit from this relation to open new prospects for mutual cooperation in industry, as per the most recent systems and standards of the fourth industrial revolution. The AOI’s chairman also said that the entity aims to strengthen the cooperation with large Brazilian companies focusing on boosting the added value in the Egyptian industry.

Al-Toras also talked with Brazilians about opportunities to sell a potential joint production in the Egyptian, African and Arab market. He presented to the delegation the possibility of training at the AOI’s Academy, which has training programs that specialize in different industries, from management to information systems and communications.

Brazilian delegation visits exhibition

Delegation visited the AOI headquarters in Egypt

Following the meeting, the Brazilian delegation visited the AOI’s trade show. Secretary Rocha highlighted the importance of the cooperation with AOI, which is seemed as one of the largest industry entities in Egypt, Africa and the Arab world. Mentioning the economic reforms, the development projects and the new Egyptian administrative capital, he said that it is important to encourage Brazilian corporations to invest in Egypt. The secretary praised Egypt’s high-end production lines.

Marcos Degaut said that Egypt is a historical and strategic partner of Brazil, that there are constantly developing economic cooperation between the countries and that the Brazilian companies are committed to close new long-term partnerships with the AOI as well as discussing the participation in implementing large national development products according to international quality standards.

Translated by Ahmed El Nagari and Guilherme Miranda


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