Brazil faces Arab countries at Tokyo Olympics

The Brazilian men’s volleyball team debuts against Tunisia this Friday (23). In football, the men’s team will play against Saudi Arabia on the 28, in the 3rd round of group D. All Arab countries will compete in at least one sport. Check out the schedule.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – The Tokyo Olympics will officially start this Friday (23). In the first days of the games, Brazil will face Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan in different sports. The Brazilian men’s volleyball team will debut against Tunisia this Friday at 11:00 pm (all times BRT).

During the dawn of July 25, Egypt and Brazil will face off in men’s judo (under 66 kg). The match will be between Brazilian Daniel Cargnin and Egyptian Mohamed Abdelmawgoud. On the same day, at 11:00 pm, Brazilian Milena Titoneli will face Jordanian Julyana Al-Sadeq in women’s taekwondo (under 67 kg).

On the 27, at 3:00 am, Brazil and Morocco will face off in men’s beach volleyball.

In men’s football, Brazil will play against Saudi Arabia in the third round of the first phase of Group D, on the 28, at 5:00 am. Against Côte d’Ivoire, Saudi Arabia lost 2-1 in the first round. Egypt is also competing in men’s football in group C and tied with Spain in the first round (0-0).

All 22 Arab countries will participate in the world’s biggest event in at least one sport. Some Arab countries are among the smallest teams in this edition of the Olympics. With only two athletes to compete are Mauritania (athletics) and Somalia (boxing and athletics); the Comoros Islands is sending three athletes (athletics and judo); with four athletes, are Djibouti (athletics, judo, and swimming), Iraq (rowing, shooting, and athletics) and Libya (rowing, swimming, judo, and athletics); and with five athletes in the competition, the United Arab Emirates (athletics, swimming, shooting, and judo), Oman (athletics, swimming, shooting, and weightlifting), Palestine (judo, swimming, athletics, and weightlifting), Yemen (athletics, shooting, swimming and judo) and Sudan (swimming, judo, rowing, and athletics).

Lebanon is taking six athletes to compete in swimming, athletics, judo, weightlifting, and shooting. Syria is also bringing six athletes for swimming, equestrian, athletics, table tennis, triathlon, and weightlifting.

Kuwait is sending ten athletes to compete in athletics, rowing, shooting, swimming, and karate. Jordan is taking 14 athletes to the games to participate in karate, boxing, swimming, equestrian, athletics, taekwondo, and judo. With 16 athletes, Qatar will compete in athletics, beach volleyball, judo, weightlifting, swimming, shooting, and rowing.

Bahrain is sending 32 athletes, including the men’s handball team, and competitors in athletics, boxing, shooting, and swimming. The Bahrain handball team will face the Egyptian at 11:00 pm BRT on July 30.

With 33 athletes, Saudi Arabia will participate in football, athletics, weightlifting, rowing, table tennis, shooting, judo, karate, and swimming.

Algeria is taking 44 athletes for individual sports, such as athletics, wrestling, judo, boxing, fencing, and swimming. With 48 athletes, Morocco will participate in boxing, athletics, equestrian, surfing, taekwondo, cycling, beach volleyball, fencing, triathlon, rowing, golf, canoeing, shooting, weightlifting, and karate.

Tunisia is sending 63 athletes to compete in volleyball, wrestling, athletics, fencing, weightlifting, equestrian, canoeing, shooting, archery, judo, rowing, table tennis, sailing, swimming, boxing, among other sports.

Egypt is bringing 142 athletes to participate in sports such as artistic swimming, fencing, shooting, judo, karate, table tennis, wrestling, athletics, diving, soccer, taekwondo, archery, canoeing, handball, badminton, among others.

In the Refugee Olympic Team, ten of the 29 athletes are Syrian, the other 19 being Iranians, Afghans, Venezuelans, Congolese, and other athletes who had to leave their countries and compete without a nationality. Syrian refugees will compete in judo, swimming, badminton, boxing, karate, cycling, and wrestling.

Brazil has a 307-athlete team and will participate in football, volleyball, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, judo, sailing, weightlifting, equestrian, skateboarding, cycling, triathlon, swimming, beach volleyball, handball, rugby sevens, modern pentathlon, badminton, archery, boxing, wrestling, among others.

The information is from the official website of the Tokyo Olympics.

Translated by Elúsio Brasileiro

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