Brazil to produce more sugar in the current crop

Survey from Conab shows that 2019-2020 sugarcane crop is poised to grow by 9.5% to 31.8 million tonnes.

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São Paulo – Brazill’s 2019-2020 crop is poised to reach 31.8 million tonnes of sugar, up 9.5% from the previous one, the National Supply Company (Conab) reported this Thursday (22) on its 2019-2020 Sugarcane Survey. The current crop started last April and runs till March 2020.

Brazil produces sugar and ethanol from sugarcane. The Conab study points to a 0.3% increased in sugarcane planting from the last crop, with a harvest of 622.3 million tonnes.

In ethanol, Brazil will see 30.3 billion liters from sugarcane this crop, as well as 1.35 billion of corn ethanol. Overall, it’ll reach 31.6 billion liters. From the cane ethanol, anhydrous (which is mixed into gasoline) will see a 10.5 billion liters production, while hydrated ethanol (used pure as a fuel) will reach 19.8 billion liters.

The Arab countries are some of the top buyers of Brazilian sugar. As per data from the Ministry of Economy made public by Conab, Brazil exported 6.18 million tonnes of sugar since the beginning of the current crop in April. The greatest amount was bought by China and the second largest by Algeria.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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