Coffee shipping from Brazil to Arab countries up 40%

Sales to the Arab countries reached 554,600 bags year through April. Revenue grew 8% to USD 66.2 million, according to Cecafé.

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São Paulo – Brazilian coffee exports to the Arab countries grew by 39.8% year through April, according to information released this Friday (10) by the Coffee Exporters Council (CECAFÉ). Shipped volume grew from 396,800 60-kg bags from January to April last year to 554,600 60-kg bags year to April, or 150,000 more.

Revenue growth, however, were much lower, at 8%, since coffee prices are much smaller than early 2018. The 2019/2020 crop started last month with prices close to the lowest level in 13 years. Brazilian coffee producers received USD 66.2 million year through April in sales to the Arab marked, compared to USD 61.2 million in the same period last year.

The Arab countries accounted for 4.2% of Brazilian coffee exports year through April. In the same period last year, the region accounted for less, 3.8%.

Overall, Brazilians shipped 13 million bags year through April, a 26.8% growth. Revenue reached USD 1.7 billion, growing by 3.5%.

In April, Brazil exported 2.9 million bags of coffee, with exchange earnings at USD 370.4 million. It was a 25% growth in shipped quantity and 1% growth in revenue. According to Cecafé, the medium price of the bag was USD 124.47 in April, 19% lower than last year. In the crop-year that ran from July 2018 through April 2019, Brazil exported 34 million bags, a 30.4% growth, earning USD 4.5 billion, 7% more.

“According to what we have seen this year, this crop-year is poised to be historical, confirming the efficiency with which the country meets the demand and its consumers requirements in both quality and sustainability, said Cecafé president Nelson Caravalhaes in the release.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Agência Brasil

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