Company starts meat delivery service in Qatar

Widam, one of the country’s largest beef suppliers, now sells this and other food products by app. In its website, the company states it sells bovine meat from Brazil.

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São Paulo – Widam Food Company, one of Qatar’s largest beef suppliers, has started home delivery services for its products, including beef and poultry. Widam states in its website that it sells any type of meat and mentions Brazil, Australia, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, India and Somalia as its supplier countries.

Qatar-based newspaper The Peninsula reported that the initiative is part of the company’s efforts to contribute in the country’s collective campaign to fight against the COVID-19. The goal is for people to stay home to contain the spread of the virus.

To meet the demand for delivery, the company has launched its revamped application – Widam – which displays products such as beef, poultry, mince, lamb as well as other food products such as vegetables like tomato, cucumber, eggplant and capsicum. The company said it is working to add more products to be ordered.

The company announced that, in order to launch the updated mobile application, it has partnered up with the best local producers. According to Widam, customers can order both local and imported meat products by the app and choose from a given day and time for delivery. Orders can also be placed by phone.

Widam was formerly known as Qatar Meat and Livestock Company, or Mawashi, until 2013.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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