Tunisia expects record-high olive oil output

The Madrid, Spain-based International Olive Council released its preliminary estimates for the 2019/2020 crop. The North African country is expected to produce 350,000 tons of oil.

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São Paulo – Tunisia olive oil output is poised to be an all-time high in the 2019/20 crop season, as per estimates made public by the Madrid, Spain-based International Olive Council, composed of olive- and olive oil-producing countries. Olive oil output is seen amounting to 350,000 tons in Tunisia, up from 120,000 tons during the previous season.

Spain’s olive oil output is expected to be 1.35 million tons, down from a 2018/19 bumper season yielding 1.77 million tons of product.

Olive oil output is expected to leap to 270,000 tons from 175,000 tons in Italy, and to 300,000 tons from 185,000 tons in Greece. Portugal output is seen reaching 130,000 tons in 2019/20.

The remainder of Mediterranean countries are expected to put out 400,000 tons of olive oil, and the remaining producing countries in the world should produce a combined 70,000 tons.

The other Arab olive oil-producing countries are Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Worldwide 2019/20 production should be 3.67 million tons, up from 3.13 million tons during the past season. Consumption is expected to be 3 million tons.

Brazil imported USD 3.864 million worth of olive oil from Tunisia in H1 according to Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce valor 31,55% mais alto que o registrado no primeiro semestre do ano passado, de US$ 2,801 milhões.

Fethi Belaid/AFP

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