Beef exports from Brazil up in volume terms

Shipped volume climbed 2% in September, even though export revenues decreased. China remains the leading importer year-to-date, with Egypt in second.

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São Paulo – Beef exports from Brazil were up 2% in terms of shipped volume year-on-year in September, the Brazilian Meat Packers Association (Abrafrigo) reported this Wednesday (6) quoting federal government numbers. The month saw 166,300 tons of raw and processed beef shipped. Export revenues decreased by 2% to USD 668.7 million.

Year-to-date through September, beef exports climbed 10% to 1.4 million tons, while revenue went up 20% to USD 6.1 billion.

China remains the leading importer of beef from Brazil, followed by Egypt, Chile, Russia and the United States. Sales to China accounted to 57.4% of total exports at 839,100 tons. Egypt’s imports were down 28% to 101,400 tons. Chile imported 60,000 tons of beef from Brazil, down 30.8% from a year ago. Russia imported 46,000 tons, down 14%. The United States imported 40,600 tons, up 40.5% year-on-year.

According to Abrafrigo, Saudi Arabia was the sixth biggest destination for Brazilian beef at 32,800 tons, up 4.7%. The Philippines ranked seventh at 29,813 tons, up 22.4%. the United Arab Emirates were the eighth biggest destination at 29,741 tons, down 53%.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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