Book teaches essential words to talk with Arabs

A guide called ‘Using Language to Conquer’ brings important words for Brazilians to communicate in 22 languages, including Arabic, to serve as a tool in business.

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São Paulo – A book in Portuguese called Usando a língua para conquistar [Using Language to Conquer] teaches key words for speaking in several languages, including Arabic. The book was launched last Sunday (21) and brings words in 22 languages that are important to approach people from different cultures.

In addition to Arabic, the book brings words in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebraic, Hindustani, Dutch, Indonesian, English, Yoruba, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Russian, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish. It also includes fun facts on Brazilian aboriginal language Tupi-Guarani and Allamej, a language created by the author Rodrigo Solano, who’s a intercultural communication researcher.

“Hearing words in our own language in a foreign setting is a sign of sympathy and interest and usually evokes a good feeling,” says the author, who drafted up the guide for entrepreneurs, professionals and students in international business and tourism. The book is not a language course, but brings an introductory knowledge aimed at evoking empathy and facilitating business.

Solano says the Arabic features heavily across the book, which includes information about the peoples who speak it and differences from languages spoken in areas close to the Arab countries, such as Turkish in Turkey and Persian in Iran. “The Arabic is certainly one of the most important languages to learn. It was once an international language in sciences and philosophy and is now spoken in more than 22 countries,” says the author, who adds he harbors a special affection for the language.

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Solano is also an expert in International Marketing and Clinical Culture. He works with chambers of commerce, industry associations, and projects by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) in developing markets and training companies to go global. In addition to other titles and experiences, Solano is a consultant and partner at Think global, an initiative for internationalization development and training.

The guide was published online on the website of Think Global on February 21, the International Mother Language Day. The 375-page book can be acquired as an e-book on Amazon or in print. The latter, however, includes shipping costs from overseas. When buying it, you will have access to a Quizlet learning app, with memorization tools, games and audio support for most of the languages featured in the book.

Quick Facts:

“Usando a Língua para Conquistar”
Author: Rodrigo Solano
Pages: 375
Publishing House: Think Global
Price: BRL 75,42 (plus shipping cost)
E-book price: BRL 23,50

Translated by Guilherme Miranda


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