Brazil’s industry up 1.2% in November: IBGE

Industry climbed month on month. Year to date through November, it was down 5.5%.

Agência Brasil

São Paulo – Brazil’s industrial output climbed for the seventh month in a row, up 1.2% in November from October 2020. But year to date through November, it was down by 5.5%. In the twelve months through November, it declined by 5.2%. Despite the recent positive outcomes, industrial output is down 13.9% from the peak in May 2011.

Figures from the Monthly Industrial Survey made public on Friday (8) in Rio de Janeiro by statistic agency IBGE shows that the industry was up 2.8% from November 2019.

IBGE said that all categories were up from October, particularly capital goods (7.4%) and consumer durable goods (6.2%). Non- and semi-durable goods (1.5%) and intermediate goods (0.1%) were also up in November, reversing the fall in the previous month.

“The auto sector remains as the major driver of Brazil’s industry. Up 11.1% from October following a fall trend in the critical months of the pandemic, the sector posts a 1,203.2% increase in the seven months through November, over the 0.7% level in February,” IBGE said.

The institute said the growth is reflected in other sectors, too, as the vehicle production influences activities such as steelwork and chemicals. Both were up in November, by 1.5% and 5.9% respectively.

Other activities that contributed to November’s results were apparel (11.3%), machinery and equipment (4.1%), printing and reproduction media (42.9%), leather goods, travel goods and footwear (7.9%), beverages (3.1%), metal products (3.0%), and other transport equipment (12.8%).

Among the nine activities to experience a decline in November, the top negative impacts were foodstuffs (-3.1%), reaching a 5.9% decrease in the two months through November; extractive industries (-2.4%), down 10.4% in the three months through November, and pharma products, down 9.8%.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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