Logistics company brings defense products to Arab world

Brazil-based M&K provides advisory, export and import services and operates primarily with the defense and public safety industry. It has sought to widen its share in other segments such as healthcare and commodities.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – Brazilian logistics company M&K is based in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo and has provided advisory, export and import services since 1997. It works primarily with the defense and public safety industry and exports all over the world and has sought to expand its operations into other segments such as healthcare, commodities, and equipment.

According to M&K commercial director Eder Pena, the company was created in response to the Brazilian defense and public safety industry’s need to have a freight forwarder with expertise in logistics of sensitive cargo. “We work more closely to this industry, which is M&K’s backbone, and we serve several defense firms such as CBC, Condor, Taurus, and others”, Pena told ANBA.

The businessman emphasized that M&K makes exports from and imports to Brazil easier as a broker and consultant for every type of product, not just in the defense sector, and it aims at widening this diversification.

M&K do its cargo management from A to Z, from port to port, explained Pena. “We take care of all the bureaucracy involved. There are many controls to export a military product, whether it’s lethal or not,” he said. The products must be very well packed, with containers lashed and secured, so that the product is not damaged and arrives in good shape. Depending on the product, an escort is needed. “M&K is one of the few companies in Brazil that specialize in shipping, operating and forwarding products for the defense and public safety firms,” said Pena.

Pena says the company has a great penetration worldwide and works heavily in all Arab countries. “The Arab region is key for our business as they are major buyers of defense and public safety products from Brazil,” he said. Top Arab buyers, according to Pena, are the Arab Gulf countries as well as Algeria and Morocco in North Africa.

The company is interested in widening its share in other industries. “We’ve already worked with commodities, but it’s still a small share. We want to provide our services to expand into this sector, particularly in consulting for now, to help meeting potential sellers and exporters,” he said. He believes the most important thing is promoting an independent foreign trade for the industry. The company has recently become a member of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC).

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