Men’s backpacks for export

Leather items by Rio Grande do Sul state-based company Nordweg are handmade and have lifelong guarantee. The products are sold to end consumers and have been shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

Aurea Santos

São Paulo – A manufacturer of backpacks, bags and wallets for men, the Rio Grande do Sul state-based company Nordweg started exporting two years ago. It sells direct to end consumers, some of them in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Spain, Malta, the United States, the Philippines, Russia and Germany.

“The product is handmade and not ideally suited to large-scale production. It can take from 3 to 6 hours to make one single backpack,” says brand owner Igor Gaelzer. They are made of bovine leather with Egyptian cotton lining at a third-party plant with 25 employees. Monthly output ranges from 300 to 400 units.

Nordweg sells online and Gaelzer explains that international sales took off after the company launched a website in English. Before that, sporadic orders used to be placed on the Portuguese website. Now, the company makes at least one sale to a foreign country each month.

Gaelzer claims the company places great emphasis on the design of its backpacks, bags and wallets, but quality is also a priority. “The products have lifelong guarantee. During the first year, the company pays for the two-way shipping. After that, the customer only pays shipping costs to send [the product for repair] back to the factory,” he explains.

The executive claims the company hasn’t invested heavily in overseas promotion, but it should be “one of the next steps.” “We want to offer the product to a bigger public. It’s nice to be able to expand into other places,” says Gaelzer.

Established in 2009, Nordweg is based in Picada Café, Rio Grande do Sul. Besides its founder, the brand has two employees.

Tel.: +55 54 3285-1620

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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