Netflix debuted 1st Arabic original show, ‘Jinn’

Teen supernatural drama was produced in Aman and Petra, Jordan.

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São Paulo – Netflix just debuted its first Arabic original series set in the Arab world. The teen soap Jinn was produced in Jordan, between the modern Amman and the ancient Petra. The show brings Middle Eastern folklore, according to which jinn are spirits with supernatural powers that can manifest in different shapes and sizes.

The five episodes were released on Thursday (13) by the streaming service, the longest one being the first with 46 minutes, while the shortest is the fourth with 24 minutes. The young leading actors are Salma Malhas (pictured above) as Mira; Sultan Alkhail, who plays Yassin; Aysha Shahaltough as Vera; and Hamzeh Okab, who plays Keras.

The series was created by the Lebanese showrunner Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya and the twins Rajeev and Elan Dassani. Chaaya is the series director, while the Dassani brothers wrote the script. The tree of them are executive producers. Jinn was produced by Kabreet Productions, an independent film production company based in Beirut with offices in Aman and Dubai.

Jinn’s original language is Arabic, and the viewer may watch it dubbed in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and audio description in Arabic for the visually impaired. Available subtitles are in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and German, as well as Arabic.

Netflix recently announced making other two originals in the Arab world. Paranormal will be its first Egyptian series and is in its production phase, while Al Rawabi School for Girls is being filmed in Jordan, with a full female cast and crew.

Netflix has 139 million subscribers in over 190 countries and offers TV series, documentaries, and movies in a wide variety of genres and languages.

Watch the official trailer for the show Jinn, subtitled in English.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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