Poultry exports up 10%

Foreign sales of unprocessed and processed poultry from Brazil grew in February. Increased shipments to Libya stood out.

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São Paulo – Brazilian poultry exports were up 10% in volume last February from a year ago, Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) reported this Thursday (5). Brazil shipped 348,400 tonnes of the product last month, from 316,700 tonnes a year ago. The figure includes both unprocessed and processed meat.

In revenue, exports grossed USD 553.8 million last month, having increased but in a percentage smaller than volume: by 5.2% from USD 526.4 million a year ago. When the increase in volume is higher than in revenue, it means the products were exported for smaller prices.

Year-to-date, shipments reached 672,200 tonnes, up 12.3%. Revenue was up 10.5%, to USD 1.085 billion. China accounted for 17.5% of poultry exports from Brazil year-to-date, at 115,200 tonnes, up 59%.

ABPA chairman Francisco Turra explained that the length of the Chinese New Year and logistic issues created by coronavirus haven’t decreased Chinese demand for poultry from Brazil. “In fact, an unusual boost was seen,” he was quoted as saying in a press release.

In Asia, the sales volume grew to South Korea, up 12.5%; Philippines, up 104%; and Singapura, up 49%. The European Union increased its purchases by 14%, and Libya by 370%. The African Arab country imported 16,300 tonnes of poultry from Brazil year-to-date.

“Asia has established itself as the main destination of poultry exports from Brazil. This is good, especially when we see that the average price of sales to that continent is higher than the average across the globe,” ABPA executive director Ricardo Santin was quoted as saying in the release.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Rodrigo Fonseca/AFP

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