Tunisian musician to play in Brazilian jazz fest

Sesc Jazz to run later this month will feature Dhafer Youssef sings and plays oud, a string instrument used in the Middle East. He mixes jazz with Indian sounds.

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São Paulo – Tunisian musician Dhafer Youssef comes to Brazil to participate in Sesc Jazz fest later this month. Youssef plays the oud, a lute-like string instrument used in the Middle East. His songs also take inspiration from Indian music

He will be one of the 26 attractions from 12 different countries to perform in the second edition of the event. Overall, it’ll include 81 concerts. The artists play jazz and include new sounds in it based on their experience in their home countries.

It features artists from Cuba, Spain, United States, France, Hungary, United Kingdom, Israel, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, as well as Tunisia.

Dhafer Youssef

Born in Tebourba, Tunisia, Dhafer Youssef has recorded nine albums and performed with jazz greats. In his shows, he mixes the American style with influences from his culture and those he learned throughout his career.

His grandfather introduced Youssef as a kid to the tradition of the muezzins, the person appointed at a mosque to lead and recite the call to prayer. This was his introduction to using his voice as an instrument and to music itself.

Later, the artist moved to the capital city of Tunis to study at a conservatory. Then he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he connected with different musical cultures, including the Indian one.

The musician now has an international career. At the Brazilian festival, Youssef will present his most recent studio album “Sounds of Mirrors” released last year.

While he sings and play the oud, the Tunisian will be accompanied by Isfar Sarabski on the piano, Raffaele Casarano on the sax, and Adriano dos Santos on the percussion.

Quick Facts

Sesc Jazz
Sesc Pompeia (Theater) in São Paulo
Friday, 10/18 at 9 pm
Tickets: BRL 18-60
12 years on

Sesc Bauru (Ginasium)
Saturday, 10/19, 8:30 pm
Tickets: BRL 15-50
16 years on

Sesc Ribeirão Preto (Municipal Theater)
Sunday, 10/20, 7 pm
Tickets: BRL 15-50

Tickets and information: https://sescjazz.sescsp.org.br/

Check out his music below:

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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