Arab company takes Brazilian armor to the Gulf and Africa

UAE-based National investments works mainly with trading and construction and is now diversifying its investments. It partnered up with Inbra Blindados in late January.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – United Arab Emirates-based National Investments partnered up with Brazil’s Inbra Blindados in late January. The Arab company will represent the bulletproof vehicle glass company across the Gulf region, the Arab countries, and Africa.

National Investments is a company established in 2018 that invests primarily in trading and construction but is now seeking to widen its business to include other industries, such as defense and security. The company also works with metals such as gold and silver, as well as commodities.

National Investments director-general Amir Abdelhamid from Egypt talked to ANBA on Thursday (25). The company’s CEO is Mansoor Al Mualla, a relative of the ruler of the emirate of Umm al Quwain, UAE, where the company is based. “We aim at establishing a partnership between the Arab countries and Brazil. We love Brazil and wish to represent other Brazilian companies, too,” said Abdelhamid. Pictured above, Abdelhamid (left) and Al Mualla (center).

The contract with the Inbra Group was signed online on January 22 with the Brazilian company’s president Lourival Candido. The group has other businesses in defense besides the car armors, such as helmets, bulletproof vests and shields, and multi-task armored vehicles; friction materials, technical fabrics, and industrial filters; composite materials for aerospace projects, and plane armors; among others. The Infra Blindados’ factory is in Mauá, São Paulo.

“It’s a multimillion-dollar deal. We aim at selling it for civil vehicles in countries across the region, particularly in Africa, and we’ll meet with governments of several countries in the region to show them the product, so we expect a multimillion contract,” said the director.

Abdelhamid says Brazil is a great competitor in vehicle armor. But the UAE has no demand for armored passenger cars since it’s a very safe country. “We hope to become a distribution hub for this product across the Middle East and Africa, which have countries with a high demand for armored vehicles, and we are representing the company here. We want to broker deals between Inbra and local governments,” said the director, who added the Brazilian company will send technicians to the UAE to train employees on how to install the auto glasses.

Abdelhamid said that next year National Investments could represent Inbra at IDEX, a defense trade show in Abu Dhabi. He added it represents other Brazilian companies, such as Xtire, a tire sealant manufacture. There have been talks with officials of the region to sell the product to school bus and heavy trucks, the Egyptian said.

The director says his company wants to invest and represent other Brazilian companies and manufacturers in the Middle East and Africa. “We’re fully prepared to represent Brazilian companies in the region to widen their businesses. Any company interested is welcome to contact us,” he stressed.

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