Beef exports from Brazil a world record

Last year saw 1.64 million tons shipped from the country. According to the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (Abiec), it was the biggest volume ever shipped by an exporting country.

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São Paulo – A record-high amount of beef got shipped abroad from Brazil in 2018, The Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (Abiec) reported this Monday (7). Foreign sales amounted to 1.64 million tons, up 11% from 2017 and exceeding Abiec’s December forecasts.

According to the Association, the all-time high cements Brazil’s status as the leading exporter of beef in the world. That is, it said, because this was the biggest amount ever exported by any country. Over the last two years, exports from Brazil were up 10% on average in volume and revenue.

Export revenues climbed 7.9% in 2018 from 2017 to USD 6.57 billion. Abiec believes the result means the domestic and international markets recognize the quality of Brazilian cattle meat. “The good results are the outcome of work done to improve all steps of the production process. That enables us to meet the strictest international rules with competitive, quality beef,” Abiec chairman Antônio Jorge Camardelli was quoted in a press release as saying.

The best results came in the second half of 2018. September was a highlight, at 178,000 tons shipped and USD 700 million grossed, up 31.75% and 25.86% from September 2017.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Cris Faga/NurPhoto/AFP

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