Dubai to host world’s longest desert ultra-run

The 2nd edition of the Al Marmoom Ultra Marathon will be held from December 9 to 13 and have a 300-km course.

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São Paulo – The second edition of the Al Marmoom Ultra Marathon (AMUM 2019) in Dubai will have an extended course. Now it will be 300 kilometers through desert, making it the world’s longest desert ultra-run. Its first edition had a 270-kilometer course. The race will occur from December 9 to 13 in the Arab emirate.

The sport event will bring together the world’s most famous marathon runners in Dubai to race and break the record of 300 kilometers in desert ground, all this at the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. The marathon is organized under the umbrella of Dubai Sports Council.

Total prize money, trophies and medals value USD 100,000. The event also includes shorter distances of 110 km and 50 km.

The 300-kilometer ultramarathon shall be concluded in five days, while the 110-km and the 50-km races will occur within one day.

Registrations are open for the three distances. A medical certificate attesting to their ability to participate in a race of this type as well as other documents are required. Brazilians don’t need a visa to enter the UAE.

To learn more about the event, values and how to register for the Al Marmoom Ultra Marathon, please visit the event website.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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