Exhibit marks 60 years of Brazil-Jordan ties

The Embassy of Brazil in Amman and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts are hosting the show ‘Contemporary Brazilian Art, A Short Perspective’ from June 13 to 27.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – In a bid to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Brazil-Jordan diplomatic ties and the 35th anniversary of the opening of mutual embassies, the Embassy of Brazil in Amman and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts are hosting the exhibit Contemporary Brazilian Art, A Short Perspective, from June 13 to 27.

Twenty-seven paintings, ceramic items and installations by Brazilian artists will be featured, including pictures by Alfredo Volpi, Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Percy Lau (Peruvian-born, Brazilian-based), Dinéia Dutra and Ivana Panizzi (pictured above); and ceramic work by Francisco Brennand. The items hail from the collections of ambassador Francisco Luz; the Embassy of Brazil in Jordan; and the National Gallery. For the opening, there will be caipirinhas made from cachaça and typical Brazilian snacks, including meat croquettes.

According to ambassador Luz, the exact date on which Brazil-Jordan diplomatic relations turned 60 was April 6. The 35th anniversary of Brazil’s Embassy in Amman was June 1st, and Jordan’s Embassy in Brasília will turn 35 next September 1st.

Painting by Alfredo Volpi will be featured

“Jordan plays a stabilizing role. It’s like an oasis of peace in the region (the country shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel). It’s a politically relevant country for its geographic location, and a watch post for everything that goes on in the Middle East. Tourism is booming, and over 11,000 Brazilians travelled to Jordan last year,” Luz told ANBA over the phone from Amman.

According to the ambassador, the art show is one of several cultural events held by the Embassy since last April. “We had a Brazilian music and food festival from April 23 to 27 at the Intercontinental Hotel, and we’ll have a Brazilian film festival from June 30 to July 4 at the Royal Film Commission in Amman,” he said.

Brazil-Jordan trade consists mostly of the former’s exports of beef, poultry, livestock and coffee. Last year saw USD 264 million worth of goods shipped from Brazil to Jordan. Year-to-date through May 2019, exports came out to USD 124.5 million, which hints at bigger whole-year sales than in 2018.

“Jordan supplies the West Bank and some provinces in Iraq, and besides meat and coffee, it also buys bus chassis and magnetic card equipment. The country is an export outpost for Europe and the United States,” said the ambassador, who estimates Brazil-Jordan could peak at USD 500 million a year.

Ambassador Francisco Luz’s stint in Jordan ends next September. Ruy Amaral – who’s currently Brazil’s ambassador to Cairo, Egypt – will take his place.

Quick facts

Exhibition Contemporary Brazilian Art, A Short Perspective
June 13-27
Opening: June 13, 6:30 pm
Dates and hours: June 14 – 27, 9am – 6pm
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
Building 2, 8th floor
Amman, Jordan
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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum



Reproduction/Alfredo Volpi

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