Fashion by Vitor Zerbinato in Arab Boutiques

The fashion designer sells his garments in haute-couture shops in the UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. His participation in the Arab Fashion Week could give more visibility to the label in the Arab market.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – Garments by Brazilian fashion designer Vitor Zerbinato (pictured above) are sold in some major Arab boutiques, and the designer aims to gain footing in the region after showcasing his summer 2021 collection in the Arab Fashion Week (AFW), taking place in Dubai from October 21 to 24.

Glamorous, voluminous dresses

Zerbinato told ANBA that his clothes are sold in 12 stores across the United Arab Emirates as well as Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. They share space with other major international brands, such as Oscar de La Renta and Valentino in high-end luxury stores and boutiques.

Zerbinato makes haute couture, particularly gowns and cocktail dresses, using noble fabrics such as duchess satin, pure silk taffeta and chemise. The pieces catch the eye for their exuberance and elegance as well as perfect cutting and modeling. There are also high-quality day-to-day pieces

Modeling is a strong suit

Deconstructing the misconception that the Arabs love embroidery, the fashion designer makes plain pieces and even so is very popular among Arab high-end consumers. Zerbinato believes that embroidery has become too popular and common in the region, and what makes his pieces stand out are the modeling, volume, and high-quality fabrics. The clothes are made with moulage.

Even the Arab women that wear abayas and veils use other clothes underneath them in their daily life with their families and gatherings with friends. A number of Arab women invest heavily in clothing, particularly the upper-class women, who are the consumers of the Brazilian fashion label. “They use my clothes underneath their abayas,” Zerbinato explains.

In the AFW show, Zerbinato will showcase 16 pieces that are part of a collection inspired in Brazil’s flora and fauna. They range from colors to black, with all the country’s sensuality. The show will be part of the AFW’s Brazil Noble section, which will feature four other haute-couture Brazilian designers. Zerbinato believes it could attract new stores to the label and strengthen his name in the Arab market.

Path to the East

Tailor-made and off-the-rack

In Brazil, his pieces are sold in 40 multi-brand stores, as well as his own studio in Vila Madalena in the city of São Paulo. Overseas, his pieces are featured in Arab boutiques and scattered across the world based on tailor-made requests. Zerbinato has dressed celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Eva Longoria.

His path to other countries started out when Brazilian top model Carol Ribeiro wore his dress to the Grammy in Los Angeles around six years ago. Since then, the fashion designer has had a representative in the United States and receives orders from abroad. He has also curated works in the Tranoi trade show in Paris three years ago and broke into the UAE.

The fashion designer has his own fashion label since the late 1980s, originally called Madame X, and renamed it Vitor Zerbinato around 15 years ago. The change followed the movement of his own creations, which became more high-end. Zerbinato didn’t work for other brands before opening his company. Certain that fashion was his path, he ventured out in creating his own label.

The success came out from the talent of a boy that, since he was a child, made clothes for his sisters’ dolls and later designed his friends’ prom dresses. “Some went to the seamstresses and actually made the dresses,” he says. He adds that he has always had his family’s support. Having studied hard, Zerbinato sought to improve his skills and has ultimately achieved worldwide recognition.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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