Footwear exports begin to show improvement

After sliding for four months on end, foreign sales of shoes from Brazil climbed in June over May. Year-over-year, however, exports are down almost 50%.

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São Paulo – Footwear exports from Brazil climbed in June from May, but slumped year-over year. Month-on-month, this was the first hike since last January, as per Brazilian Footwear Industry Association (Abicalçados) numbers.

June saw 3.6 million pairs of shoes shipped from Brazil, up 32.7% from May. Revenue came out to USD 35.6 million, up 49%. Year on year, shipped volume was down 44.6%, with revenue down 47%. The first half of the year saw 43 million pairs shipped, down 24.6%, while revenue slid 31.2%$to USD 330.5 million.

Abicalçados CEO Haroldo Ferreira believes the numbers hint at a gradual rebound in consumption in some of the biggest markets. “There already is some improvement in environment, but we are still far below our usual performance,” he was quoted in an Abicalçados press release as saying. Whole-year exports are expected to fall short of last year’s by 22% to 30%.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Diogo Moreira/A2 Fotografia

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