Importer sells Brazilian coffee in Dubai-based e-commerce

A company that sells ‘rare’ products from Brazil, Nativo has Santo Agostinho coffee in its portfolio. What sets it apart is that the beans are produced and roasted in Brazil and then sold online in the UAE.

Thais Sousa

São Paulo – Nativo, a company that is focused on importing rare Brazilian goods, has included coffee in the portfolio it offers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “We aim at bringing products that are rare to find around here. Thus, this bean we brought is not just produced but also roasted in Brazil,” Nativo business developer Luana Oliva told ANBA about what sets the Santo Agostinho brand apart.

The importer was created in early 2020 and worked with Brazilian products such as poultry, beef and beans. In September, coffee became one of the products sold in the Arab country. The importer was one brand that participated in the Brazilian Coffee Week, an exhibition of Brazilian coffee that took place inside the Coffee Museum in Dubai in November. In the event, the brand served coffee to consumers and a delegation of the UAE’s Specialty Coffee Association.

Nativo has sold the Santo Agostinho coffee since September

According to Oliva, the product got a good feedback from the public, who can buy Santo Agostinho on Nativo online store. “Now we are focusing on e-commerce for the end consumer. We have clients such as coffeeshops for other items such as açaí. But the coffee is mainly sold online,” said she.

Although the focus is now on virtual sales, Nativo plans on opening up more market for food service in restaurants, coffeeshops and hotels, including for the coffee, in 2020. The Braizlian explained that these establishments are working with a capacity of 30% in the UAE, but she believes this barrier can be an opportunity. “The consumers are giving more values to the places they go. The regulars are the ones that have come back, so it’s worthy to have more quality products,” Oliva pointed out.

Santo Agostinho coffee is produced in three farms in Brazil, in the city of Machado, in the south of Minas Gerais, and Socorro, São Paulo. The beans used in the coffee are medium roast Arabica.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Luana Oliva/Press release

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