Syria floats wheat barter tender

The Arab country needs 100,000 tonnes of soft wheat. It’s accepting offers from parties looking to swap for the hard variety of the grain.

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São Paulo – Syria’s General Establishment for Grain Trading, Storing and Manufacturing has floated a tender for a wheat barter deal. The country needs 100,000 tonnes of the soft variety, and it’s offering 100,000 tonnes of the hard type in exchange. Parties interested in the deal, local or otherwise, are to enter their bids by October 28. In Brazil, hard wheat is used for baking cakes and biscuits; the soft variety is employed in baking bread.

Syria’s consulate in São Paulo reported that the price difference will be paid per batch, after delivery of the soft wheat and prior to the shipping of the hard wheat. Partial bids must be no smaller than 25,000 tonnes, and delivery will be due three months after the deal is completed.

Bids are to be submitted in a sealed envelope to the General Establishment in Damascus by October 28, 3:30pm, Damascus time. The envelopes will be opened during a public session at 4pm.

Wheat is one of the agricultural products whose planting is encouraged by Syria’s government. Harvest began in June (pictured above) but got interrupted by crop fires in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, Syrian Arab News Agency (Sana) reported, citing high temperatures and possible terrorist actions as causes.

According to Sana, the current wheat crop spans 1.97 million hectares. The government earmarked high sums to purchasing the crop, and congress approved SYP 10 billion (USD 45 million at current exchange rate) to settle growers’ debts with the local agricultural bank.

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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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