Throughput in Algeria ports climbs 7%

Ten facilities across the country handled a combined 30.6 million tons of cargo year-to-date through March.

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Algiers – Port throughput was up 7% during Q1 in Algeria year-over-year, APS quoted the Port Services Group (SerPort) as reporting.

Cargo shipped through the ten seaports in the country amounted to 30.6 million tons in Q1, up from 28.6 million tons in Q1 2018.

Exports came out to 19.9 million tons, up 14%, with 2.4 million tons of goods consisting of non-oil-and-gas products – the biggest industry in the country.

Building material and agricultural products were the most handled non-oil items in Q1, up 42% year-on-year.

Handling of oil, gas and their products amounted to 19 million tons, up 6% year-on-year. According to SerPort, this industry answers to 63% of total port throughput in Algeria.

Container traffic amounted to 523,200 TEU, up 13%, and 2,234 vehicles got shipped, up 1%.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Billal Bensalem/NurPhoto/AFP

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