Tunisia’s exports, imports widen

The country shipped USD 8.43 billion worth of goods abroad from January to July and purchased the equivalent of USD 12 billion.

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Tunis – Exports from Tunisia climbed 5.9% in volume year-on-year through July, with imports going up 2.1%, Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) quoted the National Statistics Institute (INS) as saying this Thursday (16). Average export price was up 16.4%, while average import price increased by 18.3%.

In current numbers, exports reached TND 23.58 billion (USD 8.43 billion) through July 2018, up 23.3%, and imports stood at TND 33.53 billion (USD 12 billion), up 20.8%.

Shipped volume was up 63.7% through July for agricultural and food products (the photo shows wheat being harvested in Tunisia), down 10.3% for ores, phosphates and their products, and down 15% for the energy industry.

The energy category includes oil, gas and their products. Average price for these items climbed 28.7% for exports, and 8.3% for imports. Other industries saw a 15.6% hike in average export prices and a 19.4% hike in average import prices.

Volume-wise, fuel and lubricant imports were up 27.2%; agricultural and food product imports slid 4.9%; and ores, phosphates and their products dropped 9.2%.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Fethi Belaid/AFP

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