Arab Brazilian Chamber opens registrations for Algiers Fair

Brazilian companies may register until June 5 to exhibit in Algerian multi-sector fair set to run from June 18 to 23. The space is an initiative from the Arab Brazilian Chamber and Brazil’s embassy in Algeria.

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São Paulo – Brazilian companies interested in exhibiting at the 52nd Algiers International Fair to take place from June 18 to 23 in the Algerian capital may register at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Brazilian participation in the multi-sector show is an initiative of the Arab Brazilian Chamber in partnership with Brazil’s embassy in Algiers. Slots are limited.

The space will accommodate six exhibiting companies, preferably of machines and equipment, cosmetics, and agribusiness. These were the segments the Arab Brazilian Chamber has listed as those with greater potential to export to that country, but this does not prevent other areas from participating. Registrations are open until June 5. The company needs to be an Arab Brazilian Chamber member to exhibit. It can become a member to participate.

The participation in this show follows up the business mission the Arab Brazilian Chamber started last year into the Algerian market. The chamber took 12 members to Algeria in a business mission with B2Bs, meetings, technical visits, a forum, and other venues to contact Algerian importers. The last time the chamber participated in the Algiers Fair was in 2012.

“Our last participation in the Algiers Fair was seven years ago and Algeria is a very important country to us, our fourth trade partner. We need to develop a much closer relation to Algeria than in the last few years,” said Arab Brazilian Chamber CEO Tamer Mansour. Algeria is the fourth Arab country that most buys from Brazil.

The show and the 2018 mission mean a retaking of the Algerian market after some years without specific actions for that country. The participation in the show comes at a great moment since the government has just remove 100-plus importable items-including beef-from a provisional safeguard duty list under import duties in the 30%-200% range.

Algeria has been restricting imports over the last few years in a drive to even out its balance of payments and encourage local industry. According to Mansour, this occurs specially with products with more aggregate value and the goal of the Arab Brazilian Chamber in Algeria is also to discuss these topics with local bodies.

The country is going through political changes, which are expected to have impacts on the economy. “The country’s economy is changing, it is a new phase and it is important that we are there,” said Arab Brazilian Chamber Institutional Relations manager Fernanda Baltazar to ANBA.

In the last few years, despite tax restrictions to some products, Brazil made significant exports to Algeria. Sales reached USD 1 billion last year and more than a half were in sugar and confectionary items. Significant exports have also occurred in cereals, beef, oils, seeds and fruits, ores, and machines. There was a 15% drop over 2017 sales because a provisory suspension of the several products importation was in effect.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts a 2.3% growth for the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019 and a 5.6% inflation. A regional report the body released in late April says Algeria economy growth is expected to be a little higher than other oil and gas exporters in the region due to a projected production recovery. IMF highlights, however, an uncertainty in the mid-term due to more recent political events.

Besides Mansour and Fernanda, Arab Brazilian Chamber president Rubens Hannun and events coordinator Tâmara Machado will also be in the fair. They have meetings scheduled with chambers of commerce, sector entities, and government bodies. In addition to better understand tax issues and talk to Algerian authorities about ways to facilitate trade with Brazil, the Arab Brazilian Chamber intends to invite Algerian entrepreneurs to participate in shows in Brazil.

The Algiers Fair will take place in the Algiers Exhibition Palace. Last edition saw 26 participant countries, over 400 exhibitors and over 4,000 professionals.

Quick Facts:

52nd Algiers International Fair
June 18 to 23, 2019
Exhibition Palace
Pins Maritimes – Algiers – Algeria
More information here

Registrations for Brazilian companies
Arab Brazilian Chamber – or +55 (11) 3145 3200

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Billal Bensalem/NurPhoto/AFP

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