Arabs to attend World Chambers Congress in massive numbers

The conference hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce is set to take place this week in Rio de Janeiro. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and entities from Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar will have their own stands.

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São Paulo – The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce will have a stand at the 11th World Chambers Congress from June 12 to 14 at Rio de Janeiro’s Windsor Expo Convention Center. Taking place in South America for the first time, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) event will also feature stands by other Arab organizations, like the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Delegates from chambers of commerce in the Sultanate of Oman and the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah will attend in the capacity of guests.

The congress will welcome about 1,000 attendees from 100 different countries. The fairgrounds will feature 17 international and 9 local exhibitors, including chambers of commerce and corporate entities, according to organizers. Exhibitors will also include Russia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Al-Invest, Barranquilla, Event Bank, Liderroll, ICC, International Trade Center (Intracen), the Confederation of Brazilian Trade and Business Associations (CACB), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), Cisbra, Alcafoods, and Visit Rio. Chamber leaders, business executives and government officials will descend on Rio for the three-day event.

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce is an ICC member, and the sole organization of its kind in Brazil with recognition from the League of Arab States. Its purpose in joining the event is to publicize a new stage in its internationalization process at a strategic event when it comes to partnering with other chambers of commerce and creating positive agendas in tandem with new markets.

Arab Brazilian Chamber president Rubens Hannun said the congress is an important step in the organization’s role of building closer Brazilian-Arab ties. “It is a very fitting thing for us to be at a congress that will be attended by this many Arabs. We will be there to welcome them, and to facilitate and build novel relations. We are beginning to internationalize the Arab Chamber, and the congress will be a good start for talks with partners,” said Hannun, mentioning a newly-entered-into agreement with the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME). “ASCAME member countries might be present, and we also want to open doors in facilitating deal-making with those countries,” he argued.

“As an ICC member, it’s important to represent Arabs in Brazil with our stand, knowing that several Arab chambers of commerce will be there. Anyone who doesn’t have a stand can utilize the Arab Chamber’s area as their home during the event,” said Arab Chamber CEO Tamer Mansour.

The congress will address the future of trade and how to create an environment conducive to international trade, the positive impacts of certification of origin, the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on business, etc. Check out the full program here.

“I believe that the agenda points are utterly relevant to the new world economy. Discussing private initiatives more and more each day, under the umbrella of chambers of commerce, is key, because it affords credibility for businesspersons to join in,” said Mansour.

The CEO went on to say that Arab chambers of commerce enjoy great credibility, and that they advise their member companies to do business in a reliable way. “And I think having those chambers over is also crucial to Brazil, which is about to conclude international agreements and open up its economy. It’s important for Arab businesspeople to understand this unique, one-of-a-kind moment in Brazil,” he said.

To mark the ICC’s 100th anniversary, the congress will be themed “Creating a Shared Future.” The idea is to discuss the future of chambers of commerce, and to have them work together for a more promising future. Dubai Chamber president and Hamad Buamim will be one of the hosts for the event. He is currently chair of the ICC World Chamber Federation. The workshop “SMBs to the world: chambers as facilitators,” 11 am on the 13th, will feature Qatar Chamber board member Khalid Al Hajri. The Dubai, Qatar and Sharjah chambers are sponsoring the event.

“Out here in Rio we will showcase Dubai as a global business hub. We’ll give people a sample of what they can expect in the 2021 World Chambers Congress in Dubai. Our theme for the next edition will be ‘Chamber 4.0 – Generation Next.’ We will discuss how chambers of commerce and member-based organizations should innovate and fine-tune their value propositions to cater to member companies that are ever-more avid for technology and innovation,” said Dubai Chamber São Paulo office chief João Paulo Paixão.

The congress in Brazil is being organized by the CABC. The World Chambers Congress is held every two years somewhere in the world. The 2020 edition will be held in Dubai.

Quick facts

11th World Chambers Congress
June 12-14, 2019
9 am-5:30 pm
Windsor Convention & Expo Center
Rua Martinho de Mesquita, 129 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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