Brazilian cosmetics line endorsed by Egyptian

Hair artist Mohamed Azab, widely known in the Arab world, signs the new line of professional men’s hair products Vitta Gold Barbers. Launching will e on Monday (30) in Campinas.

André Barros

São Paulo – Since 2011 exporting cosmetics for the professional beauty markets of Arab countries, business owner Cecilia Araujo, CEO of Vitta Gold Cosméticos, is taking her first steps in the men’s products sector. On Monday (30), she launches, in Campinas (95 km from São Paulo), the line Vitta Gold Barbers, designed for barbershops and with a renowned poster boy: Egyptian hair artist Mohamed Azab (pictured above).

Brazilian entrepreneur Cecilia Araujo and Egyptian hair artist Mohamed Azab will launch a brand on Monday (30)

“The trust of the Arabs in me is so great that I have already made sales without launching the product,” said Cecilia in an interview to ANBA this Friday (27) at the headquarters of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. The reason for this, according to her, is the job she has done with the brands Floractive, in which she has partnership, and Vitta Gold and Botanic Brazil, of her own – all of them from the professonal cosmetics sector.

It all started in 2011, in a trade expo in the United States. Once there, Cecilia met an Egyptian distributor that opened the way for the Arab market. In the following years, she earned the trust of the Arabs, signed partnerships and today exports her products to almost all of the markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Thanks to my good work, I have earned a good reputation and today I’m very sought after by distributors in the region,” she says. So much so that her two brands were created less than a year ago to meet the demand for products focusing on consumers with lower purchasing power, unlike her partner Floractive, which focus on beauty salons for high-end consumers.

And now, she will enter the men’s products sector. Azab, widely known throughout the Middle East, in addition to promote it, also signs the line to be launched. “It will be sold as Vitta Gold Barbers by Mohamed Azab. It’s a new market for me and to have his support is very important. We will begin with the Arab market but have plans to expand into Europe,” says the entrepreneur.

For the first time visiting Brazil, Azab will have at his side during the launching the hair artist Nariko, who, among other celebrities, is responsible for the haircuts of Brazilian soccer player Neymar. According to Cecilia, both are widely known in the Brazilian and Middle East markets, and will help to promote the event and product, which will only be sold abroad.

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Workshop Vitta Gold
Monday, April 30, from 4 pm to 9 pm
Venue: Buffet Angelinos, in Campinas (95 km from São Paulo).
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Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

André Barros/ANBA
André Barros/ANBA

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