Companies present food and personal care products at APAS

For the first time, the Arab Brazilian Chamber brings a personal-care company to the show. Jordanian group Sukhtian, with the brand Hi Geen, presented products such as suntan lotions, sunscreens, and cosmetics.

Thais Sousa

São Paulo – Arab companies brought food and personal-care products to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce stand at APAS Show, which runs until Thursday (9) in São Paulo, Brazil. Jordanian group Sukhtian brought the brand Households & Toiletries Mfg Co. for the first time to APAS Show. “We want to enter the Brazilian market with cosmetic products, suntan lotions, and sunscreens. We also have shampoos, liquid soaps, and organic products,” pointed out regional sales coordinator Thaer Alshaar. It is the first time a company brings products other than food to the Arab Brazilian Chamber stand.

The company already sells to Arab countries, Asia, and Latin America, and is now looking out for distributors in Brazil. “We have some opportunities at this show to close deals we’ve already started stablishing previously,” said William Bieler, regional sales manager for Central America and Colombia, pointing out that even competing with great Brazilian brands, they expect to have good results here soon.

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Brazilian trading company O Primo has partnered up with AG – Al Shahed Group from Egypt in the stand. With the company Wadi El Nile, the group brings its flagship: olives. “In 2018, 1,200 olive containers were shipped to Brazil. Our expectation is that this number will grow this year, up to 3,000 containers,” said O Primo commercial director Augusto Ferraiol, who has worked with AG in Brazil for approximately three years. For its second time at APAS, the Arab company hopes to increase its sales to distributors, supermarkets and industries.

In its third generation, the Tunisian family company Huilerie Loued wants to expand businesses in Brazil. Its owner, Abdessalem Loued, explains that his company is present in more than 65 countries with the brand Riviere D’Or. “For us, olive oil is a passion. We are investing and focusing every effort in quality and affordable prices to take this product out in the world,” told its CEO.

Huilerie Loued started shipping to Brazil just over a year ago and now wants to have its brand in large supermarket chains such as Carrefour and Extra. Among their products, Loued highlights the organic line with USDA and halal certification, as well as the Premium Collection line that comes in differently shaped gift boxes. The company also works with outsourcing and is looking out for clients in this year show.

Laura Bianchim, events analyst, received the nominee sticker at the Arab Brazilian Chamber stand.

Also working with private label is Jardins de Carthage, a Sun Antipasti brand. This Tunisian company already provides outsourcing services for brands in Europe and exports its own products to more than 25 countries. Now, Jardins de Carthage, which still doesn’t export to Brazil, looks out for distributors and clients to start business. “We are trying and have already gotten two good contacts. The demand for these products is good in Brazil,” said Foued Gueddich about the company’s products, which range from jams to pepper and tomato sauce.

The Arab Brazilian Chamber stand has been nominated in the shortlist for the best International Stand in the APAS Show Award. The stand was decorated this Tuesday (8) with a sticker that puts it among the three best stands in this category. The awarding ceremony will take place tomorrow (8) at 10:30am at APAS Show.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Thais Sousa/ANBA
Thais Sousa / ANBA

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