Egypt to facilitate use of electric vehicles

The country will grant owners of electric cars temporary licenses until procedures related to licensing of the vehicles are regularized and will manufacture electric buses.

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São Paulo – Egypt has taken a series of measures to facilitate electric cars use and imports in the country, including granting licenses to these cars, opening vehicle charging units, and a deal to build electric bus industries. This information was published in the news website Al Ahram this Monday (6).

Egypt’s Interior Ministry will grant owners of electric cars temporary license plates and insured licenses until procedures related to licensing of the vehicles are regularized. It said this step comes as part of its keenness to facilitate procedures for citizens who have imported electric cars.

Last month, Egypt signed a deal with the Chinese automaker Foton Motor to manufacture electric buses in the country, according to a statement by the Ministry of Military Production. The deal will see the manufacture of 2,000 buses over the course of four years in a major military production ministry plant which builds armored vehicles and armaments.

Early last year, Egypt opened its first electric vehicle charging unit on the Cairo-Suez highway. This unit is owned by Revolta Egypt, the developer of electric charging infrastructure and other electric vehicle-related projects.

According to the Al Ahram news, Egypt has been working on a sustainable transport project as part of efforts to reduce emission levels in the country. This project is part of the Sustainable Development Goals the country aims to achieve by 2030, as determined by the United Nations. Egypt aims to boost its use of renewable energy to 22% by 2020.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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