Emirates converts 16 passenger planes into freighters

This is often seen when major airlines see passenger flow decline and demand for cargo transport increase.

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São Paulo – Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, has adapted 16 passenger aircraft to transport cargo and is also using part of its fleet to transport goods in the cabin. The news is from the Arab News website.

Nabil Sultan, Emirates SkyCargo divisional senior vice president, said the airline was studying its capacity, in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Sunday, May 9. “So far we have converted 16 passenger aircraft into fully cargo flights,” he said. “We are also using the remaining fleet, where we put cargo in the main cabin, essentially to move goods such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and various other medical materials,” he said.

Conversion usually occurs when major airlines see passenger flow decrease and demand for cargo transport increase.

Earlier on Sunday, Emirates said it would start shipping aid for free into India to help fight the coronavirus. This occurs at a moment when the demand for air cargo has reached its highest level ever recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Translated by Elúsio Brasileiro

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