Event to provide psychoanalitical take on the Diaspora

Featuring lectures and art performances open to the general public, ‘Rememorate to Prevent Repetition’ will take place in São Paulo on October 19.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – “Rememorate to Prevent Repetition,” on October 19 in São Paulo, will take a psychoanalytical approach to the cultural memory of the Diaspora. The event was inspired by the book “Baal,” by psychoanalyst Betty Milan (pictured), whose grandparents were Lebanese. The fiction piece tells the story of Omar, a Middle Eastern man who moved to Brazil to flee a war.

“The novel doesn’t deal with psychoanalytic concepts. We’ll do that analysis during the event,” psychoanalyst Rodolpho Ruffino told ANBA. According to Ruffino, the recurrence of cultural erasure must be avoided by reviving memory. “The human wealth in the world stems from differences,” he said. “We’ll discuss what should be the attitude of Diaspora families regarding the relay of culture and tradition to children and grandchildren, and how that can emotionally impact their lives,” he explained.

According to the psychoanalyst, ‘memoricide’ (or erasure) is a kind of modern Western cultural rule so people can be productive and functional. The event will delve into the effects of that upon the mental health of children and adults. “Every sickness comes from some type of forgetting,” he said.

The meeting is intended for anyone involved in Diaspora issues, Arabs living in Brazil, psychoanalysts, psychologists, students and healthcare professionals. It will run from 2pm to 8pm at Instituto da Criança e do Adolescente. Registration is available via email to eventocfsp@gmail.com. Admission costs 1kg non-perishables, which will be donated to refugees.

Event organizer Rodolpho Ruffino will make a psychoanalytical reading of the book “Baal” at 5:50pm. At 6:30pm, Betty Milan will deliver the lecture “Psychoanalysis, the Diaspora and literature.” Psychoanalyists, historians, artists and representatives from group Mulheres Pela Paz (Women for Peace) will also speak. Arab lute player, singer and songwriter Sami Bordokan will make musical interventions.

The event will be launched by Lebanon’s Consul General to São Paulo, Rudy El Azzi. Confirmed speakers include Camilla Schahin, Denise Milan, Deborah Neves, Lilian Starobinas, Mauro Mendes Dias, Ykbal Yammout and Teresa Lamberte.

Find out more on the Corpo Freudiano website.

Quick facts

Event: “’Rememorate to Prevent Repetition’”
Núcleo São Paulo do Corpo Freudiano – Psychoanalysis School
Saturday, October 19
Instituto da Criança e do Adolescente – Amphitheater, Ground Floor
Hospital das Clínicas, Medical School, University of São Paulo
Avenida Dr. Enéas de Carvalho Aguiar, 647, Gate 2, Cerqueira César
São Paulo, SP
Registration: eventocfsp@gmail.com

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Lailson Santos

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