Felps cosmetics company invests in Arab world

The Brazilian manufacturer already sells to Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and is now in talks with the UAE, Morocco, Syria, Qatar and Egypt. It will be at the Beauty World expo in Dubai next May.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – The Brazilian hair care cosmetics maker Felps Profissional is working to increase its sales in the Arab world. The company has been on the market for four years now and ships product to 18 countries, including Saudi Arabia (since 2017) and Iraq (since 2016). It’s currently in talks with the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Syria, Qatar and Egypt. The bulk of Felps’ sales go to the United States, Russia and Ukraine.

Felps stand at trade show Hair Brasil 2018, in São Paulo

According to exports manager Teodoro Campos, the company has been export-oriented since its inception. Foreign sales account for 30% of revenue for Felps, and sales to Arab countries account for 20% of total exports. “Our goal for 2018 is to double the share of Arab countries in overall revenue, because we know this is a market with lots of potential,” said Campos.

In order to achieve this, from May 8 to 10 Felps Profissional will join the Beautyworld Middle East expo in Dubai, one of the three biggest industry events in the world and the biggest in the Middle East, featuring 1,700 cosmetics, hair treatment products, fragrances and wellbeing companies. “We will have a 40 sqm stand at Beautyworld, where we intend to increase our business partnerships in other Arab countries, like the UAE, Egypt, Morocco and Qatar,” said Campos..

Felps’ best-sellers in Arab countries are its Omega Zero formaldehyde-free straightener, the Marula maintenance line with shampoo, conditioner and mascara, and vitamin complex Power Up, with moisturizer vials. According to Campos, not by chance, these are also some of the items that sell the most in Brazil.

“Brazilian cosmetics have international appeal, because there’s a lot of miscegenation in our country, and therefore people have all types of hair, so products that are well-accepted here usually sell elsewhere as well,” Campos explained. The flagship items for Felps in Brazil and around the world are its Marula and Bamboo lines.

The brand launched a product line for men

With an eye out for the barbershop fad, Felps launched a line for men early this year which already features 15 beard and hair products.


Campos told ANBA that Felps Professional was born of multi-brand group Vitor Studio, which distributes items by major braqnds like L’Oréal, Kérastase, Cadiveu and Inoar in the Greater São Paulo. The company’s staff includes experienced hair aesthetics professionals. The brand name Felps is an acronym for Fabricações Especiais de Loções e Produtos Superiores (Portuguese for Special Manufacturing of Superior Lotions and Products). Felps currently retains a 6% share of the domestic market, which it expects to reach 7% by the end of the year.

Items by Felps are available from perfume shops, beauty salons and barbershops, plus the e-store.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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