Festival to welcome youths from the world over

Ethno Brazil will award 13-day artist residencies to musicians age 18 to 30 in São Paulo, Brazil. An Algerian woman joined the program’s 2018 edition. Registrations are open through May 10.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – Young musicians from anywhere in the world can apply for an artist exchange program slated for next August in São Paulo, Brazil. The Ethno Brazil Festival is available to people aged 18 to 30 and registration is open through May 10. Algerian musician Yousra Boudah (pictured above) joined the program last year.

From August 1 to 13, the musicians will stay at Fazenda Serrinha, a farm in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo. They will work together on arrangements for songs brought in by each artist – mostly traditional compositions from their own countries, according to Alessandra Costa, the executive director of Ethno Brazil host project Amigos do Guri.

They will also sit in workshops, but most of their time will be devoted to working together and learning off one another. “It’s a participation-oriented project,” says Alessandra. The musicians will work under oversight and guidance from musicians Suchet Malhotra of India and Carlinhos Antunes of Brazil.

The outcome of the work done in the program will be performed on three or four occasions in cities near the farm. One of the concerts will take place in the capital São Paulo, with dates and addresses yet to be decided on, according to Alessandra.

The executive director for Amigos do Guri notes that since this is only the second edition, the number of Arab musicians in the program will tend to increase. According to her, Yousra Boudah of Algeria might join the program as a guest artist this year. The songwriter is the founder of Algeria’s first polyphonic group.

Amigos do Guri hosts Ethno Brazil in partnership with Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), which comprises music associations from around the world. JMI supports Ethno festivals in 18 different countries. nações. Algeria- and Lebanon-based associations are members/partners for the festival, according to the  JMI website.

Ethno Brazil will welcome up to 25 young musicians. All applicants will be evaluated to ascertain that their professional level matches the festival and whether they will be able to keep up with the program.

Nine non-Brazilian and two Brazilian artists will get exemption from the entry fee, and three non-locals and two locals will get their travel costs covered (up to BRL 8,500 for non-locals, up to BRL 2,000 for locals. The entry fee, including accommodation, meals and shuttles, is BRL 250 for Brazilians and EUR 200 for non-Brazilians. Musicians will be picked for the aid on the basis of economic profile.

The coffee and brickworks farm Serrinha, where the festival will take place, has been named natural heritage by Brazilian environment agencies. Amigos do Guri rolls out the Guri Project (guri is Portuguese for ‘kid’) throughout the state of São Paulo, offering music courses for children and young people.

Quick facts

Ethno Brazil Festival
August 1-13, 2019
Residency for musicians aged 18-30
Fazenda Serrinha – Bragança Paulista – São Paulo
Registrations: April 1-May 10, 2019
Find out more and register here

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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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