Genetics of turkeys from Brazil enter Moroccan market

Morocco opened the market to hatching eggs and one-day animals from the turkey sector.

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São Paulo – Morocco has opened its market to genetics of turkeys from Brazil. Brazilians will be allowed to export hatching eggs and one-day animals from the sector to the Arab country in Africa. The information was released by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association – ABPA based on a report y the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

According to ABPA, Brazil currently doesn’t export turkey meat or poultry genetics in general to Morocco, thus the opening could be an opportunity for the sector.

In a statement, Francisco Turra, ABPA’s CEO, said that “Brazil’s already a established platform for the exports of poultry and egg genetics, and the opportunity given to the turkey sector broadens the exporting capacity in a sector of high added-value.”

Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

Raguet H./BSIP/AFP

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