Immigration Museum launches artist residency program

The project is intended for immigrants only, and registrations will be accepted through February 22. A BRL 4,500 grant is included, with residencies lasting up to three months, starting May.

Thais Sousa

São Paulo – The Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo (pictured) has launched the first edition of its Artist Residency Program. The immigrants-only project is intended for up-and-coming artists aged 18 or older or anyone who’s interested and has created projects in the languages covered by the call for entries.

This opening edition is themed Acolhida (or ‘welcome’). Registrations are individual and free of charge, and the deadline is February 22. Each selected artist will get a BRL 4,500 (USD 1,218) grant, and the program will last up to three months, starting May 2019.

The project’s goal is to encourage art and raise awareness of migration-related issues like identity, experience, representation and human rights. Up to two artists will be picked for an immersion in the Museum’s activities and routines. Eligible languages include painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving, ceramics, digital production and installation.

The Museum said the project’s theme is meant to shed light on the experiences of international migrants upon arrival at their destinations, by acquainting the public with the feelings and expectations of people who leave their home countries to seek new opportunities.

The residencies will be undertaken in an open studio within the Immigration Museum’s facilities, so that visitors can witness the production and creation process. The outcomes of the program will be on show for a month at the venue.


The call for entries, including an explanation of the selection process and the entry form, is available from the Museum’s website. The form must be emailed to the Museum.

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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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