Kuwait National Library gets 300 Brazilian books

The works used to belong in the collection of the Embassy of Brazil in Kuwait. They were donated by ambassador Norton Rapesta to mark the 50th anniversary of Brazil-Kuwait diplomatic ties.

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São Paulo – In a bid to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brazil-Kuwait diplomatic ties, the Embassy of Brazil in the Gulf country presented the National Library of Kuwait (NLK) with 302 books by Brazilian writers, in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Genres include Brazilian and world history, economics, international relations, geography, literature, tourism, and Brazilian culture and traditions.

The book, which used to be in the Embassy’s collection, were donated during a solemnity in the National Library this Wednesday (19). In attendance were Brazil’s ambassador to Kuwait, Norton Rapesta (pictured, on the left) and NLK general manager Kamel Sulaiman Al-Abduljalil (2nd, L to R), who lauded the initative, as per a statement relayed to ANBA by adviser Cláudia Assaf, wh ‘s in charge of Culture, Press and Commercial Promotion at the Embassy. Al-Abduljalil was quoted as saying books are important for any society to learn about the history and culture of other societies, and thus learn to be tolerant towards other nations.

During his address at the event, Rapesta discussed curious facts regarding Brazil, including information on history, literature, tourism, trade, exports to Kuwait, investments, and the multiplicity of origins of the Brazilian people. He underscored the influence of Arab culture in the establishment of Brazilian identity, and noted that this is reflected in eating habits and the Brazilian Portuguese language, among other things.

The ambassador of Brazil said that “although our two countries have built excellent diplomatic and commercial ties and deep ties of friendship, both have the potential to bring those relations to a new level.”

Also in attendance was Kuwaiti ambassador Faisal Rashed Al-Ghais, who led the Embassy of Kuwait in Brazil from 1986 to 1992. Al-Ghais speaks fluent Portuguese, which he learned during his time in Brasília. He expressed his admiration for Brazil and said he is part-Brazilian, because he identified with Brazilian Society. He also discussed the support given to Kuwait by Brazil’s government and people during the invasion of his country by Iraq, in 1991.

General manager Al-Abduljalil told ambassador Rapesta of his willingness to build a partnership between the National Library of Kuwait and its Brazilian counterpart – the National Library of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – in a bid to enhance mutual awareness through books.

Al-Abduljalil called on researchers and the general public to visit the Library, especially this week – the Brazilian books will be on display at the entrance to NLK for seven days.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

National Library of Kuwait

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