Lebanon the theme of lecture for lawyers in São Paulo

Brazilian writer Roberto Khatlab will talk about the Arab country, its culture, history and tourism, on November 23 at the Syrian Sports Club. The event is for members of the Kanoun Institute, but those interested in becoming a member can register.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – Brazilian writer and researcher Roberto Khatlab will discuss Lebanon, its history, tourism, culture and other aspects in a lecture on November 23, at 7 pm, at Syrian Sports Club, in São Paulo.

The Kanoun Institute of Brazil-Lebanon Comparative Law is organizing the event with the support of Syrian Sports Club, for members of the institute and law experts of Lebanese descent that might be interested. The event is free of charge.

Attorney Ricardo Elias Maluf, president of the institute, explains that Kanoun Institute is an association of Lebanese-descendant legal experts to maintain the ties with their origins, to unify the actions and aspirations of its members to strengthen the ties with the great names and institutions of Lebanese law and, thus, consolidate Brazil-Lebanon relations.

Speaker Roberto Khatlab is the director of the Latin American Studies and Cultures Center (LASCC) of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and researcher of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) of the Notre Dame University (NDU), both in Lebanon. He’s also the author of many books on Brazil-Lebanon relations, among them “Lebanon, an Oasis in the Middle East” and “The Journeys of Dom Pedro II”.

According to Ricardo Maluf, the lecture aims to promote cultural exchange and strengthen the ties between the founding members of the Kanoun Institute and new members, plus disseminate the knowledge between the roots and family origins of the attorneys.

Khatlab said that he will present a Lebanon welcoming to all, particularly to the Lebanese descendants that, beyond finding their origins, can come upon ways of academic cooperation and exchange. USEK’s CECAL has many agreements with Brazilian universities and other organizations.

The Kanoun Institute works with comparative studies of Brazilian and Lebanese laws, as well as cultural exchange between universities, courthouses, libraries and legal associations from both countries. It also holds lectures, seminars and conferences on the topic.

To register for the lecture, one needs to send an email to institutokanoun@gmail.com to receive the registration form and send it back completed. Further information can be asked for in the same email.

Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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