São Paulo art show puts spotlight on Palestine

Featuring photographs, videos and cartoons, the exhibit ‘Palestine – from river to sea’ will focus on the so-called ‘al Nakba,’ Arabic for ‘the catastrophe,’ a reference to the foundation of Israel and the beginning of the Palestinian exodus from the region.

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São Paulo – Through photographs, videos and cartoons, the exhibition “Palestine – from river to sea” relies on art to put the spotlight on the so-called “al Nakba.” The expression is Arabic for ‘the catastrophe,’ referencing the days when Israel was founded and Palestinians began their exodus from the region. The Nakba had its 70th anniversary in 2018, and its memory will be rekindled in the art show slated to open this Tuesday (11) at NGO Ação Educativa, in São Paulo (SP). The show will run until February 28, 2019.

A short concert by singer Oula Al-Saghir and musician Yousef Saif, both of whom are Palestinians, will mark the show’s launch starting 7 pm. The work of photographers including Gabriel Mathias, Julia Dolce Ribeiro, Karine Garcêz, Mariana Payno, Noor Bakr, Rogério Ferrari and Zuni Plínio will be on show. Ação Educativa said the pictures were taken during trips to Israeli-occupied Pales, and to refugee camps across the Arab world and Turkey

Also on show will be pieces by cartoonist Carlos Latuff portraying a character who’s a “Palestinian mother.” “The cartoons carry the symbolism of woman in resistance and determination in the struggle for the refugees to return to their homeland – 5 million of them are living in camps, and thousands are in the Diaspora,” reads the exhibition text by Soraya Misleh.

The event features photos of camps in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Gaza by photographer Karine Garcêz; ; and photos taken in the West Bank and Gaza by D Gabriel Mathias, Rogério Ferrari and Noor Bakr. The videos were shot by Eliane Gonçalves and Gal Souza during a humanitarian mission in 2015. The event is hosted by the following organizations: Ação Educativa, Frente em Defesa do Povo Palestino, BDS Brasil, Soweto Organização Negra, and Rede Educacional pelos Direitos Humanos em Palestina/Israel (Ffipp/Brasil).

Quick facts

Palestine – from river to sea
De 11 a de dezembro a 28 de fevereiro de 2019
Rua General Jardim, 660 Vila Buarque, São Paulo (SP)
Phone: +55 11 3151-2333 / acaoeducativa@acaoeducativa.org

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

Karine Garcêz

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