Ten pct of Brazil business leaders are Arab or descendants

A survey commissioned by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce shows that people of Arab background are a mainstay among leadership in Brazilian corporations and associations.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – Ten percent of business leaders in Brazil are either Arab or Arab descendants. So says a survey unveiled this Wednesday (22) by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) in an online event that marked its 68th anniversary. The event had roughly 1,300 viewers. The survey has shown that 26% of all leaders of associations in Brazil are of Arab background.

The numbers are from a comprehensive survey of Arab presence in Brazil, conducted by Ibope Inteligência and H2R Pesquisas Avançadas under commissioning from the ABCC. Ibope was tasked with unearthing the broader numbers, such as the number of Arabs and Arab descendants in Brazil, whereas H2R went in-depth on the profiles of the population and business leaders. On the latter topic, 803 interviews were conducted.

Leadership positions covered by the survey included business owners, founders, partners, C-level executives, or directors in businesses or organizations. “These results came as a surprise to us,” said H2R Pesquisas Avançadas director Alessandra Frisso (pictured above), who presented the survey on behalf of H2R during the ABCC’s online event.

Ten percent of leadership is either Arab-born or Arab-descendant in small business as well as medium ones. The industry where Arab leadership is most prevalent is agribusiness, at a 12% rate. Next comes trade and industry at 11%, and services at 9%.

The survey shows that Arab business leaders feel deeply engaged with the Arab community. Ninety-five percent of them have travelled to an Arab country before, and 33% have attended some event relating to Arab countries. They firmly believe that the Arab countries are important to Brazil’s economy, and the businesses they lead tend to invest more than the average in international relationships.

Leaders of Arab descent do more business with Arab countries than the average, especially with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and especially in agribusiness. Twenty-two percent of Arab-led businesses in Brazil engage in business with Arab nations, whereas the rate for all other businesses is 15%. Arab community members helming corporate entities or associations are a driving force in seeking deals with the Arab countries,”argues Frisso.

Ibope Inteligência CEO Márcia Cavallari Nunes presented general survey data, and testimonial footage from prominent Arab descendants was featured. Panelists in the event included ABCC president Rubens Hannun, Policy Council chair Walid Yazigi, and secretary-general Tamer Mansour, as well as the dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil and ambassador of Palestine, Ibrahim Alzeben, and Arab League secretary-general Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

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Rodrigo Rodrigues/Arab Chamber

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