Vehicle exports from Brazil up in January

Despite a month-on-month decline, car exports from Brazil climbed 21.9% from a year ago.

Agência Brasil

São Paulo – Vehicle exports from Brazil were up 21.9% year on year in January, National Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (Anfavea) reported on Thursday (4). Car sales reached 25,000 units last month. Month on month, though, they declined by 35.8%.

The same occurred with Brazilian vehicle production in January: it climbed year on year, but slid month on month. It was down 4.6% in January, from 209,300 to 1997,700 units. Year on year, it climbed by 4.3%.

“Despite the difficulties, it was a good figure. We’ve talked that logistics has done an amazing job as we see a irregular growth and hardships and still managed to manufacture a good number in January. It slid from December but climbed from January 2020, all things considered,” Anfavea president Luiz Carlos Moraes stressed. He said January is usually a weaker month than December in sales.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Ivan Bueno/Appa

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