Arab brand interested in exporting perfumes to Brazil

Abaq from Dubai sought Arab Brazilian Chamber’s stand at the show Beautyworld Middle East as a step towards exporting to the Brazilian market.

Thais Sousa

Dubai – Business opportunities between Brazil and the Arab countries in the cosmetic sector were a two-way street during Beautyworld Middle East 2019, a beauty show that ended this Wednesday (17) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is the balance made by Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce head of international offices Rafael Solimeo, who was in the stand during the show.

In addition to the Brazilian companies interested in entering or consolidating in the Middle East, there are also Arab companies trying to reach the Brazilian market. According to Solimeo, the stand received entrepreneurs interested in various actions, in addition to represent Brazilian brands. “The Arabs want to import Brazilian products but also have their eyes on our cosmetic market, which is globally important,” said Solimeo. According to him, the perfume’s sectors is one of the those interested in entering Brazil.

Ibrahim Ayazidi (left) from Abaq and Solimeo: company wants to sell perfumes to Brazil

An example is Abaq, a perfume company based in Dubai. “Our vision is to offer quality not only to make a perfume but to build a whole identity. And we are trying to enter the Brazilian market because just like they (Brazilians) are here (in Dubai), we also want to be there to share our knowledge and culture,” declared Abaq operations manager Ibrahim Ayazidi. He visited the show this Wednesday and met with Solimeo.

The Arab Brazilian Chamber launched they international office in Dubai last February. “I realized how this (the international office) was important to strengthen and build on contacts with Arabs wishing to do projects with Brazil,” said Solimeo.

Another trend in the commerce between Brazil and the Arabs he pointed out are Arab companies seeking brand outsourcing via Brazilian companies, such as the service offered by Timage during the show. Still on outsourcing, Iraqi companies were sought for services similar as those offered by Brazilian companies.

Another company at the Arab Brazilian Chamber’s stand was 3M Three Miles. It is trying to make the opposite route and plans to visit Brazil in order to find brands to represent in the Middle East. Sami Zainab, the company’s sales manager, was at Beautyworld and through the Arab Brazilian Chamber searched for industries producing protein- and keratin-based beauty products. “We plan to go to Brazil one day to visit the factories and meet with entrepreneurs that manufacture there,” commented Zainab.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Thais Sousa/ANBA

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