Cdial Halal certifying new categories and products

The Brazilian certification company has been authorized by the Gulf Accreditation center to certify halal juice, long-life processed items, animal feed, distribution centers, transportation companies and warehouses.

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São Paulo –São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo-based certifier company Cdial Halal got the greenlight from the Gulf Accreditation Center (GAC) to certify additional items and facilities. Now it can also attest to the halal status of goods in categories D, for juices, E, for longer shelf life items, F, for animal feed, H, for distribution centers, and J, for transportation companies and storage facilities.

Halal certification attests that a product or service complies with the rules of Islam. GAC is an accreditation center under the regulatory standards of the Gulf Standard Organization (GSO), which enjoys recognition from Islamic religious authorities around the world. Certification from GAC-approved entities is accepted in the Gulf countries, as well as in other Islamic markets around the world.

“This is a big achievement for Cdial Halal. These accreditations enable us to certify companies in various industries that are looking to sell their product to the Arab and Muslim world, as well as other countries which seek quality product,” a press release quoted Cdial Halal executive director Ali Saifi as saying. According to him, demand for halal certification is going up each year, and leading to millions of deals for Brazilian companies.

Cdial Halal was formerly authorized by the GAC to certify under categories C, for animal-based products, and L, for chemicals. Brazil is a major supplier of animal protein products to Arab countries, which require halal-certified product. Cdial Halal said its novel accreditations make it the Brazilian certifier with the most GAC categories under its belt.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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