Documentary film festival to show two Arab films

The 20th edition of ‘It’s All True’ takes place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro until April 19. It will show a Lebanese short film and an Algerian feature film.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – The twentieth edition of the documentary film festival It’s All True will screen two Arab films, one from Lebanon and one from Algeria. The main documentary film festival in Brazil and Latin America began on April 9, with an opening ceremony at Auditório Ibirapuera, and runs until April 19 in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. After this, the festival travels to Santos, Belo Horizonte and Brasília.

A scene from The Battle of Algiers, a Film Within History

The short film Resonances (2017, Lebanon, 27 min), directed by Nicolas Khoury, performs an endless scan on a Syrian refugee camp in Bekaa, Lebanon, revealing different body parts and surrealist stories. The dialogue is in Arabic with English and Portuguese subtitles and the film will be screened within the exhibition International Competition for Short Films four times, three in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro.

The Battle of Algiers, a Film Within History (2017, Algeria, France and Switzerland, 117 min) is a feature film by director Malek Bensmaïl documenting the time, in 1965, when Italian director Gillo Pontecorvo began shooting a movie to recreate the Battle of Algiers (1956-1957). The production was censored in many countries and became a classic of political cinema. Every year, it’s screened by Algerian TV to celebrate the country’s independence. After almost seventy years, the documentary takes a closer look at the film that merges the limits between history and legend.

The Battle of Algiers, a Film Within History’s dialogues are in Arabic, French, English and Italian, with English and Portuguese subtitles. The feature will be screened one last time this Tuesday (17) in São Paulo, at 3 pm, within the category International Competition for Feature and Medium-Length Films.

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Quick info

 The Battle of Algiers, a Film Within History – São Paulo
Centro Cultural São Paulo – CCSP – 17/04 at 3 pm

 Resonances – São Paulo
IMS Paulista – 17/04 at 1 pm
Centro Cultural São Paulo – CCSP 18/04 at 5 pm
Sesc 24 de Maio – 21/04 at 9 pm

 Resonances – Rio de Janeiro
IMS Rio – 22/04 at 2 pm

Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

Marcos Finott

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