Egyptian brands drew interest at Fispal show

Egypt’s stand in the São Paulo expo was visited by restaurant and coffeeshop professionals interested in the items on offer, as well as meetings with Brazilian importers.

Thais Sousa

São Paulo – Egyptian brands got in touch with Brazilian restaurant professionals and importers at trade show Fispal Food Service (pictured). The 21 Arab exhibitors are represented by Egypt’s Commercial Office in São Paulo, which had a stand at the show with backing from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. The show ran from Tuesday (11) to Friday (14).

Consul and Office chief Mohamed Elkhatib said the trade show enabled good contacts to be made. “We had great feedback from people on the Egyptian brands. Most of the were from smaller businesses, like restaurants and coffeeshops. That’s why it’s not viable for them to buy whole shipping containers at once,” said Elkhatib, who’d already told ANBA that 90% of the brands featured in the stand weren’t available in Brazil yet.

Egypt’s stand in food industry show Fispal Food Service featured 21 brands

But apart from smaller-sized enterprises, the consul said he managed to arrange 15 to 20 important meetings with importers. These are key in enabling purchases by interested restaurants and cafés, and Elkhatib explains that he’ll keep track of the next steps, intermediating negotiations with the Egyptian brands.

Most-sought items included dried tomatoes, a tamarind drink, dates and olives from Egypt. The dates were on offer from Egyptian Export Center and Linah Farms. Dried tomatoes were available from Wadi El Nil, Green Valley and SFII, and tamarinds, from Elkomy. Wadi El Nil, Green Valley, SFII and Wadi Food also sell olives.

Most of the goods on offer were foods, including from companies El Badr, Alzahraa, Alfares, Egy Group, Retaj, Herbs Egypt, Elbaraka, Mom’s food, Blendy, Inagro Tiba, EG Gate, Amman foods and Elkomy. Non-food companies included the Eastern Company, for cigarettes and tobacco, and hookah essence companies Elnakhla and Taj.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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