Entrepreneurs from Rondônia to get Arab market training

The Arab Chamber and the Sebrae-RO will hold a workshop to small and medium-sized companies on October 15, in the capital Porto Velho.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – A group of small and medium business owners in Rondônia, Brazil will get training on how to do business in Arab markets. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce will deliver a workshop on October 15 at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rondônia (FIERO), in Porto Velho (pictured above), in partnership with the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE).

According to the CEO of the Arab Chamber, Michel Alaby, the workshop’s aim is to encourage the state’s small and medium-sized companies to trade with the Arab market. He points out that Rondônia is a food producing state, with products such as meats, fruits, grains and cattle, products that have a market in the Arab countries.

The workshop will be divided in three parts. The first is an introduction to the Arab countries and their markets. The second part will cover the certification of products and the third will present business opportunities within the trade with the Arabs. “We will discuss regulations, certification, how to enter the market,” says the Arab Chamber’s International Business executive, Fernanda Baltazar, who will give the workshop alongside Alaby.

Around 20 companies will attend the workshop at FIERO, chosen by their readiness to export and their suitable profile for the Arab market. After the discussion of each topic, there will be a Q&A session between the business owners and Arab Chamber’s representatives.

This is a pilot initiative and the idea is for it to be taken to other SEBRAE units throughout Brazil. According to Alaby, the Arab Chamber’s planning to expand its actions to a growing number of Brazil’s regions. “We want to increasingly develop the Arab market to Brazil, not only to the large companies, but also to the small and medium-sized businesses,” said the CEO.

The workshop begins at 8 am, with a breakfast and networking. The presentations and discussions begin at 9 am and runs until noon. In the afternoon, there will be another workshop, in the same format, in a partnership with the Afro-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (Afrochamber). The representatives of the Arab Chamber will attend it and be available to talk about the Arab countries in North Africa.

Translated by Sérgio Kakitani




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